STEADY! This is the word that has been echoing in my mind for a couple of months now! When I took gymnastics in my high school gym class, STEADY meant balance that would keep me from falling!

I remember the narrowness of the balance beam (4 inches to be exact) and found that good posture engaged my core muscles and was extremely helpful in keeping my balance, as was the careful positioning of my arms! With some practice and some occasional falls (thankfully no injuries) I became more stable, confident, and able to accomplish some difficult moves and dismounts that allowed me to gain strength and agility that I didn’t have before the class. Within our gym class we had competitions and I was determined to come prepared mentally and physically so that I could contribute to the points that would help our team to win! STEADY took on a new meaning - my team needed to be able to count on me and DEPENDABILITY became a part of being STEADY! That meant lots of practice whenever I could fit it in!

Today, this word has taken on even more depth for me in my resolve to live out that DEPENDABILITY and to remain STEADY so that I can be a source of strength and encouragement to others in my life. As I study and put into practice Biblical instruction, I have also found that a STEADY life brings peace to me in times and challenges that would otherwise shake me to my core!

There are four words in my Bible in the Hebrew roots that have given me not only a deeper understanding of this word, but a desire to make predetermined decisions to REMAIN STEADY.

The following are some words that can help us grasp its meaning:

Firmness, Security, Faithfulness in fulfilling promises, Mighty, Seize, Alert, Courageous, Established, and Unshakable (Consistency of rhythm , coordination, and self-control are also characteristics of STEADY)

The best example I have found of the definition of STEADY was in Isaiah 35:3 with the Hebrew word “amats” and it means - strength; “of a strong and undaunted mind”. Hence, to make the mind active and strong, to be alert to do anything speedily; to be of a fixed mind.

The definition and the example are both so powerful and can help us to develop this in our own lives if we are willing to take it on and here is how we can do it:

1. We have to make the decision to be STEADY and REMAIN STEADY to show ourselves DEPENDABLE, and know why we are making the decision to grow in this area.

2. Set goals and understand that it will cost us something! Anything that has value has a cost! (Time, money, energy, resources, etc.)

3. Know the source that will keep us strong and mentally prepared. Practice and apply the instruction daily.

4. Be ready for the challenges that will test our commitment and grow us whether we succeed or fail.

5. Celebrate where and when we see progress and enjoy the benefits of what it means to others!

In this life, there are no guarantees that our lives will always be sunshine and roses! There will be seasons of that, but there will also be seasons of heartwrenching challenge. No human can give us a promise that we won’t get sick, suffer loss, or go through hard times that will take us to the end of ourselves. BUT, we can choose to be STEADY and committed to living in that place so that no matter what comes our way, we can have an inner peace and an opportunity to give others strength and encouragement when they need it!

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