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A Moment To Be Real

There are so many pieces and people that bless our lives, but there are moments when the reality, difficulties, and brevity of this life hits you in your heart and forces you to stop and pay attention. I recently discovered that my childhood friend passed away in May 2018, just two days after her 57th birthday.

She lived across the street from me and was the very first friend that I ever remember having, and we played together almost everyday! We shared birthday parties, slumber parties, played house and barbies on our porches. Summer days were spent swimming in our neighborhood pool and summer nights playing games with our neighbors, and so much more! I have so many happy childhood memories that she and her family were part of!

By the time I was in third grade and she was in fourth, her family moved to another city nearby. We continued to get together but eventually we grew apart. After high school she moved across the country and built a life that kept her family close to her heart and her friends in contact. I always counted her as one of my best friends. I don’t know all of the ins and outs, ups and downs, joys and sorrows of her life, but what I do know is that my heart was very sad to have learned about her passing. I looked at pictures of precious memories made with her and my heart began to ache for her family. Even now, tears cloud my eyes as I read her obituary.

Things like this cause us to stop and think about the quality that we make of the pieces of this life that we have been given. There is something to be gained even in painful losses if we will allow God to touch our hearts and teach us deeper truths. As I reflect, I recognize that:

1-Some of us may have more pieces than others that may have been cracked, broken loose, or shattered because of hard life experiences. Each of us is responsible to use those pieces in the time that we have to build a life that reveals love, joy, beauty, peace, purpose, and good things to those around us - wherever we may find ourselves.

2-Some of us have more time (quantity) than others - but we all can make the most of each day!

3-Life passes by so quickly. The season of life that we are in right now no matter how easy or difficult will not last forever, even though it may seem like it will!

4-Everything on this side of heaven is in a constant state of change and cannot be controlled by us or counted on to be here for our tomorrows - except for God. He changes not! He is the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER! The constancy that we desire on this side of heaven is found only in Him!

What are we to do when moments in our life force us to get real with ourselves and the way that we do life?

First, understand that the quantity of time we have been given is a gift FROM God!

Second, the quality by which we live our lives, is our gift TO God!

In this moment to be real with you, I am reminded why I have run to Him with all of my questions and feelings.

-He is not bound by any measurement of time or space like I am. He is eternal.

-He is the only One with the answers that I need.

The truth is, He is the Author and Maker of ALL creation and holds everything together. Only He fully understands not only why I struggle but will teach me how to get through it with a deeper understanding of His timing and a greater appreciation for both the quantity and quality of life that He graciously gives.

My friends, live well and love much for none of us is promised tomorrow!

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