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A Time For Change...

A couple of months ago, Cyndi, my son-in-law’s mother, gave me a book to complete for the grandchildren that we have in common! While I was filling in the pages with words describing the details of what my childhood was like and pictures of my life over the years, I smiled with a warmth in my heart as I relived so many childhood memories and stories! I remember the transitional seasons of my own life, from a daughter to a wife. Then from a wife to a mother, and now to a grandmother! I love these roles and have been challenged with the privileges and responsibilities of each one! I am reminded that I didn’t know how to be any of these things until the time for the opportunity came! At the same time I am still all of these things and more! God’s grace has kept me sane, strong, and steady - I couldn’t do it without Him!

Our lives have different seasons and the transition for us from one to the other can be bumpy. Change is difficult for many people for one reason or another, but this we all have in common - no matter who or where you are, change is inevitable!

In each season, we get to experience different roles and relationships, explore new or different people, places, and things! These create unique stories for each of us that have meaning, purpose, and memories made from these experiences and help to shape us for what will be next in our lives. They are meant to be shared and learned from!

No matter the transitional season that we find ourselves in, it is wisdom to understand and know that nothing on this side of heaven will last forever!

The downside of that statement is that we all want to know that we have made a difference and lived a life of purpose and significance. But at some point in time (as we are seeing in our world today), there are those who will come after us and will forget about our contributions with the limitations in a different time and cultural climate. They may judge us harshly based on untrue revisions, their current circumstances, or the benefit of hindsight seeing details we couldn’t that led to costly mistakes .

The upside of that statement is that tomorrow is a new day and we are not stuck in the same moment, like the movie Groundhog Day!

Moving forward from here, I am resolving to:

Enjoy the journey through each season of my life (even with the bumpy transitions)! Each one has its joys, hardships, and life-changing lessons! I want to live a life worth celebrating!

Have gratitude and respect for those whose life was far harder than mine as they have shared stories of the past. They have taught me to appreciate the simple pleasures that I take for granted and enjoy today because of their sacrifices and investments.

I am committed to sharing my life lessons and stories with my children and grandchildren in the hope that they will be wiser than me and have a full, blessed, and rich life!

What about you? You will experience change! I encourage you to do 3 things:

1-Think about the transitional seasons of your life and consider some of the most valuable experiences and lessons that you have learned along the way.

2-Share those lessons, experiences, and stories with your family and friends so that they can gain an understanding about you and different times, people, places from your life!

3-Be grateful for people from the past, who in their imperfections, sacrificed and invested so that your life could be better than theirs!

We can fuss and fret about these transitional seasons. We can grumble and complain about these unknown changes, or we can humbly engage them and search out the best opportunities to learn, grow, meet new people, make new friends, or make a difference for our communities.

No matter what season of life you are in - there is nothing wasted and something to be gained from every experience!

There will always be a time for change!

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