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In recent days we have witnessed, in our humanness, all that we have built has been shaken to one degree or another. Our work and friends, education, entertainment-sports-recreation, faith, marriages and family have all been affected. Some things have fallen away, some are in need of desperate attention, some may still be standing strong, and other things have become volatile and are like a powder keg that is ready to explode! The potential for damage is real and the cost could be devastating and should be counted.

Anything that we will build is only as strong as the materials that we use to build it. Each of the things that we will use to build has characteristics or properties that reveal several things like value, strength, and availability. One thing that I have found is that anything in its purest form is when it is most powerful. It holds more value and will inevitably cost more if it is undiluted, unpolluted, or uncorrupted. (For example plant oils for perfumes or medicines; gold and silver as standards for currency; elements like nitrogen, oxygen, barium, and plutonium just to name a few are useful for a number of different things.) If these things are handled with care in respect to their potency, they have the potential to be used for amazing advances to help people in countless ways! If they are not handled with care, they have the potency and potential to become lethal and destructive to everything and everyone that is near to them.

Potency. Potential. These are two very powerful words and can be used for good or for bad depending on the values reflected in the character of anyone.

  • Potency can be a measure of strength, power, and/or authority.

  • Potential can be a measure of possibilities of excellence or ability that may not yet be developed.

If we put this in the light of building a sound structure for our lives, it is SO important to understand that the purity of whatever we build with is what will determine its strength, its security and longevity. Our values are these “material things” that we will build into our marriages, children, homes and friendships, and will be reflected in our character - what and how we will live. These values will impact every area of our lives and influence the lives of others! They will determine the quality of our days, and decide our legacy to future generations. All that we put into building this particular structure will come back to us - good or bad.

One thing that I know is that the most important “structure” that I will ever build is my family, and the foundation that I will build it on is my faith! Work and friends will come and go. Education will provide some opportunities. Entertainment, sports, and recreation will allow me some enjoyment. But the value and worth of a family that loves God humbly, each other deeply, and others respectfully is both powerful and priceless not because of its perfection, but because of its purity!

So WHAT do we do?

First, we need to learn what LOVE is in its purest and truest form, understanding that it is not limited to a feeling! It is the way that God loves us and wants us to love others.

Next, recognize that LOVE is a loaded word! You can begin to live out the many measurable characteristics that add value and strength with LOVE as the foundation for building the structure of your family.

Last, know that if you remove any of the characteristics of LOVE you will weaken the foundation and the strength of your family structure can be compromised.

HOW do we do it?

1-In your Bible, read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8,13.

2-Write down what you learn about what LOVE is.

3- Write down what you learn about what LOVE is not.

4-Share with me what you learned about the characteristics of LOVE the way that God intended by leaving me a message on the 1VLA Face Book page or, email me at:

5- Like our 1VLA Face Book page and share this blog with a friend!

Remember, learning the potency of God’s LOVE in its purest and truest form will help you build the most important structure of your life: your family!

Living out the characteristics of love will add value and strength to those you love most!

Loving that as you learn and live these things, you can reach your God-given potential, blessing your life and others!

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