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Have you ever gone through a period of time where you felt like you were living in the extremes? You go from one end of the spectrum of circumstances and emotions all the way to the other in a very short period of time! A couple of weeks ago, we had some challenges in our family that felt exactly like that! These challenges kept me on my knees in prayer. In the thick of it, I was led to pray Psalms 91 for these events and then led to share them with our church family on our FaceBook page as a Livestream. What a joy and a great reminder of the power and provision in these broad-reaching and magnificent promises for those who love God!

Our daughter, Tara and her husband Kyle, Valor who is 5, and Judah who is 2, received the special blessing of a baby girl, Charity Evangeline! Scott and I had the joy of taking care of Judah and Valor while Tara and Kyle were at the hospital following her c-section. We had spent 10 busy and fun-filled days together, and 2 days after Charity was born they were released! We returned home (6 hours away) since Kyle would be home for the next 2 weeks to help. We planned to come back and help when he went back to work because Tara would still be recovering and need help.

We arrived back home safely on Saturday evening. On Monday evening, I tried to call Tara to see how she was doing. No answer. About a half an hour later, she called me back. I asked her how she was doing and she told me that she was in the emergency room. I was shocked! “What’s wrong?” I asked. She told me that she was having chest pains and difficulty breathing. Her doctor had ordered tests to see if she had a pulmonary embolism from her c-section. That thought terrified her because my dad had passed away unexpectedly from a pulmonary embolism after a major surgery.

After praying for her, Kyle, the kids, and those who were taking care of her, I encouraged her to put praise music on her phone to help keep her calm and bring peace to her room. She was very upset that they would not let her husband come into the room, or allow the baby to be nursed. Kyle had to stay outside of the hospital with the children, not knowing how long she would be in there. I told her to keep me posted and that I would get people praying for her.

I called a couple of friends to pray with me for Tara and I began to feel God's peace. Soon after that, she called to tell me that the tests had come back all clear and that it may have been a reaction to her pain medication. They discharged her and she got to go home! The next day she felt fine! GO GOD!

Two days later, on Wednesday morning, my son Nate called me. He and his wife Kat are expecting in May of next year. Kat has been very nauseated and violently ill with this pregnancy, and this particular morning she began to bleed. They had miscarried in May of this year, so this was very upsetting and scary to say the least. I told him to take her to the emergency room and that I would start praying. Once again I called a few friends and sent out a prayer request to our church’s prayer team. As I started to pray, I felt impressed to go to the hospital and sit in the parking lot and pray from Psalm 91. I knew I couldn’t go into the hospital emergency room to be with them, but I also knew I had to be close. So I drove to the hospital, praying all the way and found a parking place where I could see the entrance to the emergency room. I texted Nate and let him know that I was outside of the hospital and praying from Psalm 91 for him and Kat, and encouraged him to pray that Scripture too. While praying, once again I felt God's peace and sensed that this was a pocket of blood and that the baby was fine.

I watched people come and go from the hospital entrance and was led to pray God’s promises from Psalms 91 for the sick who were seeking help, and for those who were inside ready to serve them, grateful that God has given them His knowledge of how to help. I prayed for people with Coronavirus everywhere and were alone, that they would sense His presence and experience His healing touch. I began to pray for our nation's leaders and other world leaders to have God’s heart as they lead and serve the people of their country.

It wasn’t long until I got a call from Nate telling me that the baby’s heartbeat was strong and he or she was very active! It was confirmed that it was a pocket of blood and that they would be discharged with some restrictions for her! Praise God that He heard the prayers being lifted up! GO GOD!!

I honestly don’t know what I would do without my faith in God to steady my response to the things that I cannot control in my life! The opportunity to pray for those who mean so much to me, and for others that maybe don’t have anyone praying for them at all.

I pondered these two events that engaged my heart and mind to focused and specific prayer, and realized a couple of things:

1 - I wasn’t helpless or hopeless! I actively engaged what I had available through my faith, the gift of God’s grace, in praying for the needs in that moment.

2 - I wasn’t alone! There were others that I could call on that would pray with me.

3 - God responds to the cries of those who love Him and have faith in Him! He is the One who works miracles!

If you have encountered circumstances that are out of your control or that are scary, you totally understand how easy it is to become paralyzed when you don’t know what to do! I encourage you to take the time to:


Ask God for the help that you need to bring a solution to a problem, an encouragement to someone in distress, or help to a need! This is where your help comes from!


What or who else does God want you to see and pray for around the focus of your prayers? Be willing to see beyond the situation. He will guide you!


Wait and watch for God’s answers to your prayers! He will respond to your faith!


Thank Him for hearing you, helping you, guiding you, and responding to you! He is good to you!

When we have the opportunity to be used by Him to touch or bless someone else with our faith, know that it adds strength, value and purpose to our lives and theirs! We may not always understand the hard things that we experience, but understand that God wastes nothing that we offer to Him, even while we are living our life in the extremes!

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