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Mary Did You Know

Week 4 -  The Listening Heart ~ Mary Did You Know?

Video clip from ONE VOICE Christmas Celebration 2017

As I watch this video with you, I see the faces of people who have touched my life and blessed my heart in more ways than I can count!  Each one of them and their families gave of their time and talent to give our community a beautiful gift at Christmas in 2017! A timeless message of hope wrapped up in months of practices, rehearsals and many meetings!

I had the joy and privilege of choreographing and teaching this dance to Talia, Hannah, Christie and Kylie!  Amy and her precious newborn baby made it real! The vocalists and musicians gave a powerful and dynamic foundation for this song, and the costumes by Louise gave us a glimpse into heaven!

This is especially meaningful to me and my family as we had nearly lost our youngest daughter,Talia, a month prior to this performance in a very serious car accident.  Thanks to God’s plan to rescue her, a friend who was with her, first responders, the jaws of life used to retrieve her, and the medical staff at the hospital. They could not believe that she was not only alive but that there were no broken bones!  She had cuts, bruises and a concussion, but was in one piece! God had performed a miracle and spared her and we are forever grateful! In this video, she is dancing in the ONE VOICE Christmas Celebration for the Lord and for the Gospel message as an angel!  How appropriate it is to reflect on memories that stir us to praise Him with teary eyes and a grateful heart for all of our blessings, beginning with His Son!

I pray that this Christmas your homes will be filled with love!  May His joy be in all of your gatherings, and may you have peace with Father God through Jesus Christ our Savior!  Christmas blessings to you and your family!

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