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Precious Moments...FULL Heart!

Whenever we travel, I always find myself looking up - I love to watch the sky, day or night! Last week Scott and I were coming home from Kansas where we had spent ten days with our oldest daughter, her husband, and two littles ones while she went to have baby number three! As we pulled out of their neighborhood, it was overcast with dark, threatening clouds and it stayed that way until we crossed from the Missouri border into Iowa, and then the sun began to peek out from behind the sparse, white, feathery clouds.

As we kept driving, it was the beauty of the sunset that caught my attention! I remembered that Talia, my youngest daughter, always said that it was her favorite time of the day and I agree! Scott turned on some praise and worship music while I gazed out the window and watched the sun slowly sink lower into the horizon in the west, and soft oranges and pinks painted the evening sky. We passed silhouettes of motionless trees, softly lit homes, and harvested fields at rest. It brought a tranquil warmth to my heart!

I took a deep breath, and realized how tired I was from playing with and taking care of my grandchildren! My body was spent but my heart was FULL! I closed my eyes and began to sing softly with the songs and counted my blessings! With thanksgiving I was grateful for the brief respite, kissed with God’s peace from the chaos and craziness of the world right now! His perspective was restoring my hope and understanding while shrinking fears and uncertainties into nothingness!

I looked over at my husband to see him looking out the window and singing praise to our Lord. The beauty of the day drifted into the needed rest that nighttime offers! I don’t know how long I rode enjoying that precious time with my Father, and it doesn’t matter. I just know that while I did, no threatening storms clouded my view of His eye for beauty!

No contentious conversation flooded my ears-only songs of praise! No darkness blotted out the light of His love warming my heart! No self-serving thoughts entered my mind, just a contemplation of all that He is with deep humility that I have a place in His heart!

These kinds of moments are so easy to miss! I am now reminded to take the the time each day to:

1 - Be mindful of God’s presence even in the ordinary parts of my day!

2 - Bask in the simple beauty that He reveals to me in nature and let it envelop my senses.

3 - Allow His love to warm my heart and lighten the load of worldly stuff that has weighed me down, obstructed my view of Him, and muted His voice from my hearing.

4 - Give thanks to Him for refreshing my spirit, renewing my mind, and reviving my soul!

Here is a little reminder for you!

SEEK out these precious moments and they will bless you!

BREATHE in these precious moments and they will refresh you!

LISTEN in these precious moments and they will teach you!

LIVE in these precious moments and they will strengthen you!

REMEMBER these precious moments and they will sustain you!

PRAY in these precious moments and they will bless others!

PRAISE in these precious moments and they will bless God!

TODAY - I pray that your heart will be FULL in all of the precious moments that He has given you!

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