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This word has taken on a depth for me in my resolve to live out a DEPENDABLE lifestyle and to remain STEADY, so that I can be a source of strength and encouragement to others in my life. As I study and practice Biblical instruction, I have also found that a steady life brings peace to me during times and challenges that would otherwise shake me to my core!

My favorite example of this is in Exodus 17:12 ~

"And Moses’ hands were heavy. So they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it; and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other. So his hands were steady until the sun set.”

Most of us are familiar with this account of Moses having sent Joshua to lead the charge on the battlefield, he prayed for the Israelites while he was stationed above the battlefield with the staff of God in his hand. They fought the Amalekites who had attacked them from behind striking the weak and weary ones, unprovoked. As long as Moses kept his hands up the Israelites would prevail, but when he let his hands down, the Amalekites would prevail.

Like Moses and the men around him, we too can choose to be STEADY so that no matter what comes our way, we can have an inner peace and an opportunity to give others support, strength, and encouragement when they need it!

I think we can agree that in this life, there are no guarantees that our lives will always be sunshine and roses! There will be seasons of that, but there will also be seasons of heartwrenching storms, unexpected attacks, difficult challenges, and devastating losses. No human can give us a promise that we won’t get sick or go through hard times that will take us to the end of ourselves.

As we look at this particular situation with Moses, it will help us if we look at some words that can help us grasp the meaning of STEADY:

Fidelity Unfaltering Fixed Firmness

Security Faithfulness in fulfilling promises Mighty

Seize Alert Courageous Established


(Consistency of rhythm, coordination, and self-control are also characteristics of the word STEADY)

This example from Exodus and these powerful words can help us to understand and develop STEADINESS and its benefits in our own lives - if we are willing to take it on! Here are some insights to help us to practice being steady:

First: Make the decision to be STEADY and to REMAIN STEADY (Understand, this is the easy part!)

Second: Set clear goals that will keep you motivated on hard days. Ask yourself what you want as an end result to support the decision to be STEADY.

For me, there were 2 main things that I wanted:

  1. I wanted my home to be filled with God’s presence and peace for me, my husband, my children, and all who came through the door.

  2. I wanted to prepare, train, and equip my children for the inevitable and unknown challenges that they would one day face.

Third: Practice by committing daily to a workable plan that will give stability to your decision and help you with the follow through to get to those goals each day. Don't forget to include the non-negotiables of God Time and Prayer. Also, put some boundaries in place to keep you from getting overcommitted and burned out.

I had to take a good hard look at the way that I was doing life for God. I made time to sift through my own lack of discipline and recognize how that was affecting the atmosphere in my home and in my relationships with Scott and our children. I prayed for God to help me create some new and good habits, and eliminate some old and bad ones. These are some things you may need to do too!

Fourth: Be prepared for the challenges that will test your commitment and growth in both success and failure - there is value and teachable moments in both.

As I made changes to abide in God’s guidance I faced all kinds of distractions and disruptions - you will too! Determine to stay the course for your sanity and for teaching your children to be able to learn to be steady too. Just like my children were watching me, your children will be watching you and will live what they learn from you - good or bad!

Fifth: Allow others to help you like Moses did. Sometimes you may need the strength, support, and encouragement of others to secure victory! (It’s sweeter when it is shared!)

I had my husband, parents, two accountability partners, 1 mentor, a few close friends, and a partridge in a pear tree (not really!). I could turn to them

when I needed help or guidance. (Lord knows that I needed them!) It’s okay to ask for help sometimes!

Finally: Celebrate progress where and when you see it! Enjoy the impact and benefits of what being STEADY means in your life and to others! Always find something to be grateful to God for and celebrate His goodness towards you!

This is the rhythm that has steadied my daily life for years! It didn’t come easy and it didn’t come without some failures that taught me some tough lessons. But when I miss it one day (and I still do occasionally), I get back up and start again the next day!

It kind of reminds me of when I took gymnastics in my high school gym class. At that time, STEADY meant maintaining my balance so that I wouldn’t FALL!

I still remember the narrowness of the balance beam (4 inches to be exact)! I found that good posture engaged my core muscles and was extremely helpful in keeping my balance, as was the careful positioning of my arms! With a commitment to work hard, and some occasional falls, each time I would decide to get up and try again! As I applied myself, set goals, and practiced, I became more stable, confident, and able to accomplish more difficult moves and dismounts. I began to gain strength and agility that I didn’t have before!

We had competitions within our gym class and when I came prepared mentally and physically, I could contribute to the points that would help our team to win! STEADY took on a new meaning - my team needed to be able to count on me and DEPENDABILITY became a part of me being STEADY!

The thing is, my team members today aren't the same as they were in high school.

There are still those who are counting on me to be STEADY - but not for points.

Even though I don’t perform on a balance beam anymore, I am still able to reap the benefits of living a STEADY life:



Able to accomplish more

Gain strength and agility


And so will you each day that you make the decision to be steady, set clear goals, practice your workable plan, be prepared, allow help, and celebrate progress!