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Thank You Captain Obvious!

Have you ever had a time when you were struggling to get a clearer understanding about something? You have processed, prayed, reviewed, and studied and THEN occurs to you with great clarity because it has been IN FRONT OF YOU THE WHOLE TIME!

I just went through that myself with this Living A Lovesong Membership! I started this in the Fall of 2020 and have had a difficult time articulating what it’s all about in a way that people understand what they are becoming a part of!

Because of the tagline for Living A Lovesong:

“Courses, Coching, and Community, specifically designed to

Create A Rhythm For A Life That You’ll Love!”

I have had people ask me if this is a songwriting membership;


If it involves dance or vocal lessons;


If it has anything to do with music!

The answer of course is no! Clearly, the message of this membership is UNCLEAR! And I need to remedy that right now!

I love mentoring women, especially Christian women! I saw the need for it and have experienced the value of it in my own life and I want to help others with that! I believe that everything that I have learned as a daughter, a woman, a wife (pastor’s wife), a home-schooling mother, a grandmother, a ministry leader, a speaker, an author, and friend - is not meant to sit on the shelf and gather dust. These life experiences, successes, and failures are meant to be shared to teach, train, empower and encourage other Christian women of all ages how to engage their faith in such a way that they will be UNSHAKABLE - no matter what comes their way!

Simply stated:

Living A Lovesong is an intentional and unapologetic mentoring membership for Christian women and serves them in two ways:

1-Those who want to be mentored but don’t know where to begin


2-Women who want to become mentors that need to be trained, equipped, and connected to women that are looking for mentors!

I want to develop a team of mentors that can be connected to those who want to be mentored!

With that said, Living A Lovesong is a rhythm (way) of doing life!

Everyone has a lovesong that speaks to them! They come in all kinds of styles, some are long, and some are short. A lovesong communicates a captivating rhythm that draws us close. It engages our senses, warms our hearts, and moves us with grace! The lyrics can be sung or spoken expressing a thought, feeling, promise, pledge, or a memory. So I have taken that idea and created a mentoring course that will do the same thing for us!

  • I begin by teaching the way that I learn. I answer 3 questions that keep me engaged:

Learn It - WHAT am I learning?

Live It - HOW do I put it to work in my life?

Love It - WHY is this important to me?

  • Next, I try to let the way that I live my life be a lovesong to Father God, filled with His grace and communicating love to Him and impacting those around me with His love! Here are 5 ways that I pursue that:


The object of our lovesong is a personal expression of the object of our faith, the Lord God Almighty. In this part of the course we will learn to meditate on God’s Word so that we can better know who He is by studying His attributes. We will be using the Bible and some other resources so that we can gain a better understanding of how our view of God affects our approach to God.


The words in a lovesong matter and so does the Word of God! In this part of the course, we will learn how to study God’s Word at the root definitions using templates that I have created so that we can gain clarity and receive correction. We will take a look at how Scripture interprets and validates Scripture as we put it to work and let it shape the way that we live our lives.


Here is where we add to REFLECT and REFINE the value of DAWGs (Days Alone With God) and other beneficial resources to give you deep and thought provoking perspectives to keep you in tune with what God is doing in your life!


During this part of the course we talk about the joy and the value of “doing life together” with accountability partners and mentors. How to find one and how to be one will add to your living lovesong!


Just as in any good lovesong, the most important part (the chorus) is repeated! So that is what we do, we REPEAT the parts of the LOVESONG SIGNATURE COURSE through live workshops, videos, podcasts, and blogs! Then we add to it COACHING times personally and as a COMMUNITY!

If you are wanting to not only write your lovesong but learn how to live it - I would love to visit with you to help you begin right where you are!

You can email me at: and put one of these responses:

"I want to BE mentored!"


"I want to BECOME a mentor!"

This is how I do life and have for several years! It has grounded my faith, steadied my walk, and kept me firmly planted when life’s storms threatened difficulties and destruction!

Oh, and by the way…I haven’t finished writing or living my lovesong yet - because I want to include YOU in it!

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