I remember years ago hearing my pastor say those words in a Sunday morning sermon! They sunk deep into my spirit and stuck there! Even now as I reflect on those words I am challenged to not get stuck into a pattern of finding fault in others - that’s EASY. I have discovered it’s far more difficult to put aside personal opinions, preferences, and offense, and to pray for someone rather than criticize them.

I think a good first step is an attitude of gratitude and giving thanks! It is powerful and effective at moving us from a critical heart to a grateful one! It’s also something that is easy to overlook or surrender when we are under great pressure.

As I have been praying and thinking about all that is going on and seeing that there is plenty of fear and hysteria to go around because of the obvious, it is troubling to hear harsh and judgmental words so quickly spoken by so many. The irresponsible and unfair criticism of leaders who are doing their best in the midst of so much uncertainty and burdensome, costly decisions that have to be made. Right now, we do not yet have the advantage of hindsight, but we are learning on the fly! The concerns are vast and real. But let’s not let the battle we are in steal our joy and cause us to be ungrateful! Let’s not lose sight of or forget to be THANKFUL for the good things that are being done.

Let’s look at the BIGGER picture! Let me share a few thoughts and suggestions with you:

  • Be grateful to God for the world-class virologists, researchers, scientists, medical

professionals and pharmaceutical companies that are being gathered together to work towards treatments and vaccinations to treat COVID-19.

Give thanks to God for giving them revealed knowledge, skills, gifts, abilities and talent to develop those things that will be helpful in the treatment and elimination of this virus.

Pray for them to hear from heaven and receive revelation and wisdom to find solutions and cures to help people in a timely fashion.

Pray for hospitals and medical personnel all over the world to serve with compassion as they take care of the infected and needy; that God would protect them and their loved ones from illness and keep them alert.

Pray for Godly wisdom in preparations and supplies that they will need to be ready for anything that will come their way

  • Be grateful to God and pray for President Trump as he continues to reach out to other

world leaders in communication to help them as they seek to serve and protect the people in their nations.

Pray for God to guide the conversations and overcome language barriers and differences so that they share current and accurate information, data, and resources that will be mutually beneficial.

Pray that they will not grow weary in doing good!

  • Be grateful to God for President Trump, FEMA, CDC, other health organizations, and

all of the state governors that are communicating daily to make informed decisions that will serve and protect their citizens.

Pray for each of them to be strengthened and encouraged as they have an unbelievable amount of pressure on them to make future speculations and decisions with no idea how long before “normal life” resumes.

  • Be grateful to God for the gathering of private sector businesses that are working

together to provide drive-up testing, supply necessary things to help the sick through prescriptions and over-the-counter medications; factories that are transforming their manufacturing facilities to be able to make respirators, medical supplies including personal protective equipment (PPE) masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Give thanks to God for businesses and truck drivers that are hiring to help move products to restock grocery store shelves quickly; websites that are being developed to help with at home testing and information regarding the virus.

Pray for God to grant them creative ideas to help people. Bless them and strengthen their hands in the tasks that they are undertaking!

  • Be grateful to God for the insurance companies that are working to provide coverage

for those who need it for both testing and treatment.

Pray that God would grant them a heart of wisdom and compassion as they consider each case and be able to quickly address the medical expenses.

  • Be grateful to God that our political leaders are working together to help ease the

financial burden and economic interruptions on Americans as well as other world economies.

Ask God to give them a clear focus and unity in purpose in their discussions and decisions - may they align with God’s will as they introduce legislation to help Americans and not let politics hinder much needed financial help.

Pray that God would remind them that they are elected to serve and protect their constituents and not themselves.

Pray that they would work hard at unifying our nation in their thoughts, words, and works.

  • Be grateful to God that we have many different media sources and pray that they all

would be committed to responsible and wholly truthful reporting, putting aside personal judgments, opinions, agendas and preferences.

Ask God to help them deliver the news reports with honesty and a sincere desire to share complete and concise information with a servant’s heart to their listeners.

  • Give thanks to God for people that are selflessly reaching out to help neighbors and

older people that may need help with getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, simple chores and other things.

Pray for creative ideas on how we can help others where they are.

  • Be grateful to God for churches and ministries that are uniting, adapting, and finding

ways to continue to pray for and serve our families, communities, states, and nation with the Gospel message and ministry of truth, hope, and love.

Pray that they would seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness in all things as we arise and shine for the glory of His name!

Lots of changes, challenges, unknowns, and opportunities that will be coming our way each and every day. If you think about it from this viewpoint - it is normal! Everyday has all of these things!

Something to consider and work on:

It’s easy to be negative, critical, offended and find fault,


will we work as hard looking at the BIGGER picture, to find the good and be grateful?

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