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The Listening Heart ~ A Day in the Life of…

I have heard several different people share what it is like to have a day in their life! We usually want to have a day in the life of someone who is wealthy, famous, or has built a successful business. There is always something to be learned when you experience what it would be like to be them!

However, it is rare, and I don’t know if I have ever heard of sharing a day in the life of someone whose life is difficult for any number of reasons. Possibly physically challenged, very poor, mentally limited, very ill, addicted, abandoned, or abused. I would venture to say there is something to be learned from these experiences as well.

Last July, on a very hot summer day when the heat index had been 105 - 115 degrees, my husband, Scott and I went to meet some friends for supper. It was very warm in the restaurant and we went out onto the restaurant patio after we ate. A light breeze had picked up and it actually felt a bit cooler outside. There was a stage where there was going to be some live music, and an area for dancing.

About half way into the first set, I noticed a man out on the dance floor with a young lady who was very disabled. He held her over his left shoulder while her feet dangled half-way down his legs. He sang to her as he danced all around with her. She was preoccupied with a bright, multi-colored slinky and wasn’t aware of her surroundings. I watched him after the song was over and he walked over to a wheelchair, where he very gently and carefully put her in it making sure she was comfortable and securely fastened her in. He patted her on the leg and sat down beside her, clapping his hands and enjoying the music while she continued to play with her slinky. It was precious and sweet to watch this, what I assumed to be a dad and daughter relationship!

I would look their direction every now and then. At one point, I saw him pull a hairbrush from a bag that was fastened to the wheelchair. He began to gently brush her sweat-drenched hair as he swooped her bangs to the right side of her face to keep them out of her eyes and put a barrett in it. He put the hairbrush away and once again sat down beside her, patting her leg, clapping and singing with the band.

It wasn’t long before he carefully scooped her up out of the wheelchair again. He took her in his arms and danced her all around while he sang to her. She continued to play with her multi-colored slinky, unaware of anything else. He did this many times!

The last time that I looked over, they were gone! I didn’t even see them leave! As I pondered this beautiful scenario, I asked the Lord about why this moved me so deeply.

I have no idea how long it took or what challenges this dad endured to get her ready to go out. But this is what I witnessed:

-This father had no shame in his daughter’s imperfections - he just loved her and wanted her to know it AND feel it!

-He did what he could do to make her feel beautiful, cherished, and valued.

-It didn’t matter to him what anyone else thought of either one of them.

-His strength held her close and she didn’t fight him.

-He sang to/over her and she didn’t plug her ears.

-He gently placed her back in her wheelchair and secured her in it, and she didn’t stiffen or fight him.

-She showed complete trust in him.

-She never stopped playing with her slinky and he never stopped paying attention to her.

To me, it was a beautiful picture of how Father loves us, even when we are preoccupied or focused on something other than Him. He loves us anyway!

-He provides for our needs without our acknowledgement, asking, or gratitude.

-He is not ashamed or embarrassed by our obvious imperfections.

-He loves to sing over us and hold us close so that we may know that we are secure in His loving arms.

-He lovingly affirms our value and beauty in His eyes, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

-He gently puts us in places of security and comfort so that we would know His protection over us.

-He delights in our relationship even when we don’t.

-Nothing we say, think, or do negates who He is or how He loves us!

What will you learn from a day in the life of…?

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