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The Listening Heart ~ “He Gives”

There are several Scriptures that focus on the words “He Gives” meaning our Father gives. But today we will be talking about what He Gives from the book of Isaiah 40:29.

He gives strength to the weary; and to the humble who lacks might He increases power.”

There is no hesitation in this statement; no question; no limitation; no condition; no restriction! This is Father’s character - GENEROUS! What He Gives is His to give to whomever He desires, in whatever amount He chooses. He doesn’t hoard or hold back, and there is no price attached to what He Gives!

In this passage, it is His strength that He Gives, and it is designated to the weary. Those whose own strength is flagging, growing faint, or maybe it’s already gone. If you have experienced weariness, the strength to resist an enemy or temptation is lessened or even gone. That leaves you vulnerable to a fall or a loss.

Maybe you have surrendered a dream, or the hope needed to see it through. Or have you settled into a life without vision, inspiration or motivation? Maybe you have overestimated or underestimated in your potential and found yourself stuck. Sometimes it takes effort that you just cannot give.

The strength that He Gives isn’t limited to your physical needs. Maybe you are weary mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Maybe your character or personality weaknesses need to strengthened. Know that the strength that He Gives can help you to get back up in His time and His strength to accomplish amazing things!

Isaiah goes on to address those who have no ability, power, or wealth in themselves to see a thing though to success. Father brings multiplied and abundant strength! He is not only the Giver, but He grants and provides the increase of that abundant strength needed!

The weary and those who lack might, gain the attention of the One who has plenty to give! We see what kind of Giver Father God is! Here are a few words that come to mind:





He Gives His grace to the humble! His strength recognizes the need and has the abundant supplies to revitalize a weary heart to rise up and meet the tasks and trials again with vigor! His strength restores the mind to see new possibilities and opportunities to move forward in a new vision! His strength can renew your hope and bring the vitality and encouragement to dream again! His strength maximizes potential and freedom to explore it as we trust Him!

How do I know this?

This is MY God and He has done this for me! I believe and know He will do it for you!

How has His strength and increase touched your life?


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