The Listening Heart ~ What Did I Interrupt?

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you knew that you knew, that God was in it? A moment that was filled with such perfection that you desire to have more moments like that? I call those Glimpses of God! I had a moment like that, and it is still with me today! I will never forget it!

It was a warm, spring evening just past sunset. My husband was at a meeting at church. There was a gentle breeze from the west blowing in our living room window causing my curtains to move like a slow dance. My daughter Tara, and my niece Rikki , who was spending the night with us, were in the kitchen quietly making cookies. The soft light from the kitchen overflowed into our dark and quiet living room where I was rocking my daughter Talia, who was a baby at that time. My son Nate, was lying on his tummy at my feet while I rubbed his back with my foot. Everyone had taken their baths and all was quiet in the house after a very active day. The only sounds were the whispers and giggles coming from the kitchen as the girls tasted the cookies, the brushing of the curtains against the wall, and the nightsounds outside of our home. I began to quietly sing, “Jesus Loves Me” and a couple of other favorites to Talia and Nate as I rocked back and forth.

When I stopped singing, I could hear Nate’s heavy breathing and see that his body was completely at peace - he was sound asleep. Talia’s eyelids were slowly drooping down. So I continued to gently rock back and forth, softly touching her sweet little face. I don’t actually know how long I sat in that silence! I can only express it as perfect contentment! Talia’s eyes closed and her body went completely limp-sound asleep as I held her. I continued to rock back and forth, while gently rubbing Nate’s back with my foot.

This was a peace that I had never known before! The kind of peace that I wanted to take up residence in my home as well as my heart. I remember praying that my home would be a peaceful place for my family and their friends - a place where they could encounter the presence of the Lord in His peace that transcends all understanding.

As I continued to rock back and forth, I laid my head back on the rocker and closed my eyes to drink up every second that I could. The front screen door quietly opened and Scott came in. He stopped, and looked at me and asked, What did I interrupt? He felt that moment too.

Over the years, God has granted my request that I prayed that night. We have had countless friends of ours and of our children tell us that they feel peace in our home and like being there!

When I have days that are crazy, busy, or hard, I reflect on how I felt at that moment in time, long ago. I am comforted by the fact that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He is still my peace, if and when I will just be still long enough to experience it! He is faithful to allow me a glimpse of Him!

What "Glimpse of God" have you experienced? I would love to hear your story! You can share it with me: