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The Purpose, Practice, and Power Of A Structured Life

Scott handed me a planner and told me that he wanted to help me to feel that I had some control over our family schedule and commitments. I guess I must have complained too much about feeling out of control, overcommitted, and stressed! I felt like I never knew what was coming next and didn’t know how to order my day. I was doing good if I kept scheduled appointments but my daily life at home was overwhelming! All of this was due to the very difficult birth of our first daughter when we agreed that it would be best for our family if I stayed home. I was now transitioning from being employed full-time outside of the home to being a full-time wife and mom! YAY AND YIKES! This is something that I had never done before!

I had been working at a bank and was used to going to work on schedule with a start time, end time, lunch time, and break time. We would close out each day’s business by 3 pm, so that meant trips to branches and all departments to collect the work items from each place, and then make sure that they got to the Bookkeeping Department to balance out the entire bank. There were certain tasks that needed to be done each day like filing, refilling necessary supplies to be able to complete my responsibilities with efficiency, changing dates on stamps, balancing my cash drawer, reports that needed to be written and submitted, and so on! You get the idea! There was a structure everyday, and everything in that structure had a purpose to make forward progress! If we want to do anything with excellence or efficiency there needs to be a structure that is both purposeful and practical for everyone that needs to use it.

The same is true in our homes! The biggest difference is at a workplace there are other people with assigned duties to help keep things organized and supplied. There are teams of people who provide coordinated support and execute plans to keep things moving forward!

But when you are a stay at home wife and’s all on you! You are the CEO of your home! You become the planner, supplier, chauffeur, nutritionist, cook, housekeeper, nanny, playmate, doctor/nurse, tailor, teacher, accountant, and a myriad of other roles! I get tired just thinking about it!

As I started to THINK about using the planner, the word “structure” came to mind and is defined as: to structure an organization, or arrangement to; construct or build a systematic framework for. I understand that terminology! As I began to USE the planner, I soon learned several things that have helped me to keep using it.

A- I began to gain control over our family commitments because no one would get on my calendar unless I allowed it!

B-I started to bring order to chaos through tasks and organization that was resulting in peace in our home and relationships

C-I could see that I was beginning to build value and a sense of security into our family as my priority when I communicated with my husband and children what was coming in a day

D-I became more dependable because I forgot things less and disappointed others less. I let my yes be yes and my no, no.

E-I started to pray through my day honoring God and others in my home, appointments, meetings, unforeseen opportunities, challenges, tasks, etc.

These are benefits that aren't limited to just me, but to anyone who will USE a planner and not just THINK about using it. So here is where you can start:

1-Think about which of the things that I learned from using a PLANNER and identify one or more that appeals to you! Had you ever thought that a planner could help with that?

2-I love to hear what people are thinking! You could share with me what planner you use and your favorite feature about it! If you are looking for one, I would be happy to make some recommendations! You can leave me a message on the 1VLA Face Book page or, email me at:

3-If this has been helpful to you, please like our 1VLA Face Book page and share this with a friend!

Remember, if we want to do anything with excellence or efficiency there needs to be a structure that is both purposeful and practical for everyone that needs to use it!

When Scott handed me that planner, neither one of us understood the importance of the gift it would be to us and our family. And, I didn't know just how much it would enable me to accomplish in a day! If I choose not to use it, then I have no one to blame but ME!

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