As I write this, my heart is moved by a song of praise to my Heavenly Father, and I am humbled by His patience and loving kindness towards all of mankind. If you don’t believe me, just consider this list:

Assaults on peace, order, and respect for others

We all have been seeing and hearing of the lawlessness, violence, rioting, looting, senseless murders, and destruction of private property erupting in our cities. We are witnesses to unbridled hatred, contempt, mockery, prejudice, and discrimination with no end in sight and no desire to resolve the problems reasonably. I am reminded that I need to pray.

Assaults on confidence and trust

We have been witnesses to a serious dereliction of duties by elected officials who have taken an oath of office to secure the safety of the citizens they serve. Some of these “leaders” have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the laws of our land and become part of the chaos rather than giving themselves to the task of finding reasonable solutions to benefit the greater good of all. I am reminded that I need to pray.

Assaults on physical, economic, mental, and spiritual health

These things have followed an unprecedented time of wide-spread fear in regard to the Coronavirus where most of the scientific models have been wrong, the numbers of cases and deaths have been admittedly fudged and inflated in many states. A drug treatment and protocol that has proven effective in saving lives has been denied, demonized, weaponized, and even banned in some places. I am reminded that I need to pray.

This doesn’t even take into account the costs inflicted on:

*The economic health of the infrastructure of our states, cities, and nation - people are forced to stay home rather than work to take care of their families being deemed “unessential”. According to some politicians, scientists, and media this virus is smart enough to discern who, when, and where it will make people sick - so restrictions are applied to those who are peace-loving, religious, hard-working, and law-abiding - but it will not afflict the rioters and protesters! I am reminded that I need to pray.

*The mental health of some people who have been isolated for too long, have lost their livelihood and their will to live leading them to commit suicide - these stats are on the rise, as are alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Public school leaders that do not accept the science that varies from what their unions are telling them. In one state they have decided to remain closed unless their demands of higher pay and to put an end to private schools are met. It seems that those children’s education and future has now been taken hostage as a bargaining chip. Once again not counting the cost of the negative impact on the children that they are supposed to invest in. The lying, propagandizing, confusion, manipulation, and hypocrisy are staggering. I am reminded that I need to pray.

*The spiritual health of people has been swung at and hit too. Churches in some states have been ordered closed, or not to sing, or restrictions on numbers of people who can gather. Once again, deemed “unessential” rather than building bridges to work together for the people of these communities and help them in their time of need. I am reminded that I need to pray.

I could go on. You could probably add to this list too.

I do have an opinion...but my opinions don’t fix anything.

As I reread this, I could become hopeless - but I will not!

My hope is not in what I see or what I hear.

My hope is in an all-powerful God who sees all, knows all and will rightly judge-having the last word! He works in unseen places, in uncommon ways and He has proven that His mercy triumphs over judgment! He is the Way-Maker, Miracle-Worker, Promise-Keeper, and Light in the darkness! He saves, heals, redeems, and sets free ANYONE who will have the courage to whisper His name with faith in His Son!