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I have heard these words echo in my mind and move my heart so many times since the first time that I heard them. It was a cool spring day and it was going to be a day of celebration for my husband and our family! One that would be forever etched in our memory! There were so many plans to be made, people to invite, and preparations to be completed!

I picked up the cake decorated perfectly, especially to commemorate this special event from the local bakery! As I carefully removed it from my car, our daughter Talia carried the bag that was full of plates, forks, napkins and decorations. As we walked closer to the building, she was able to hold the door open for me so that I wouldn’t end up wearing the sweet treat! With both of us having our arms full of things it was a challenge to push the button for the elevator! We stepped off of the elevator and walked down the LONG hallway to an empty room with a kitchen just off to the side. After we set everything down, we began to place tables, chairs, and decorations in just the right spot! It’s always rewarding to see a plan come together and I was so excited for Scott's special day!

Guests began to arrive and every guest that came held a special place in our hearts, but there were four in particular that were very important to this celebration! It was not a birthday party, but Scott’s ordination ceremony and there were four local pastors from four different churches that we love and respect deeply!

As we began with introductions from each of them about who they were and what church they were from, they began to share how they met Scott and their view of him both personally and in ministry over the years to our community! It was a humble moment for Scott and our family to receive such personal and thoughtful reflections of how they had been watching our lives.

I was invited to take a seat next to Scott as they prepared to pray over both of us. Then one of the pastors looked at both of us and asked, “Do you understand that your first ministry is to the Lord?” My mind just got stuck! I knew it was right and true but I found myself questioning, “What does that mean?” We both said yes, and the ceremony continued and it was a wonderful celebration!

I reflect on those words often and remind myself that my first ministry is to the Lord.

I have learned much as I have pondered those seven words over the years, and have worked at how to live that out because there is much to process. I realized that WHEN I GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY I have:

-The privilege to develop my relationship with Him, trust in Him, and find acceptance

-The challenge daily for me to get out of my own way and be intentional to begin everyday in His word so that I can understand His character and His love towards me

-The opportunity to be taught and trained by His word, His promises, finding values as well as the opportunity to share with others

-The accountability to live what I say I believe (which is integrity) knowing that others are watching my life and believe that they can find hope for themselves

-The joy, peace, love, hope and all of the priceless benefits that come from doing life with Him and are meant to be shared

Whatever your relationship with the Lord is, there is room for MORE! It’s never too late to begin and you can by::

1-Scheduling a daily appointment to read, study, learn and apply God's love letter to you!

2-Connecting with others that can help you grow!

3-Listening to the 1VLA Praying Life Podcasts and pray with me through His word with a deeper understanding of how He sees and loves you!

4-If you have questions about how to develop this relationship, I would be honored to visit with you! Leave me a message on the 1VLA Face Book page or, email me at:

5-If this has been helpful to you, please like our 1VLA Face Book page and share this with a friend!

As I have applied what I have learned, I have received the precious and priceless things that money can’t buy and the world can’t give! As you begin to get out of your own way and work on your ministry to the Lord first, you will begin to understand that these things are waiting for you too! We just have to be willing to get out of our own way!

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