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When The Dream Becomes Real - There is MORE!!!

When the dream becomes real, it can feel like that is all there is! But I am here to tell you there is MORE to come, and MORE to be done!

For us, that became clear at Scott’s ordination ceremony! There were four local pastors from four different churches that we love and respect deeply! They had seen and agreed with God’s call on Scott’s life! We were so honored that each wanted to be a part of this special service!

One of the pastors looked at Scott and me and asked,

“Do you understand that your first ministry is to the Lord?

My mind just got stuck! I knew it was right and true but I found myself questioning,

“How do I do that?”

I can’t speak for Scott but this charge was now put to me too! Can I do this? Can I really become all that God has in mind for me to be? Can I live with Him being my first ministry?

I have pondered those seven words that have so moved my heart over the years, and have worked at how to live that out everyday. Scott had already firmed up his steps and was walking it out. The challenge for me was understanding that I had to begin somewhere and sometime, but how and when?

I needed to search out those answers because we all have a daily invitation and the privilege to develop our relationship with our heavenly Father, to understand His love for us, to learn to trust Him, and find acceptance through His Son, and find purpose in our calling. What we do with that daily invitation is up to us and with the privilege comes responsibility to follow through.

What I began to realize is that whatever my relationship with the Lord was, there was and still is room for MORE!

I began to pray about what I needed to do in my ministry to the Lord. As always, God is faithful to answer. He showed me that there were things I needed to have become my daily priorities. Everything else I did would be done from the overflow of the time that I had spent with Him. But, if I did nothing else in a day but accomplished these priorities, I would be taking care of what was most important!

Here is the MORE of me that I gave for MORE of Him:


I scheduled a daily appointment to read, study, learn and apply God's love letter to me!

I wanted to get to know God MORE personally by beginning everyday in His word so that I could understand His character and His love towards me.

(Each of us has the unique opportunity to be taught and trained by His word, with His Holy Spirit to teach and guide us! As we do, we will discover and learn how to apply His promises.)


I practiced being MORE mindful of God’s presence in every moment and the habit of prayer. I would use prayer lists for people that I knew had needs/requests, newspapers, ambulances, and anything that could prompt me to pray for others.

(God’s word tells us to pray without ceasing - that means ongoing communication with God and that involves both speaking AND listening. As we enter into that communion we will gain the heart of God to use the gifts that He has given us for His purposes.)


I was determined to find reputable resources to challenge, guide, and help me as I grow and develop. (The MORE I learn, the MORE I realize how little I know!)

(Commentaries, devotionals, interlinear bibles, podcasts, topical studies, books, etc. *Note: These are NOT to replace God’s word but to guide us back to it!)


I found people I could trust for MORE accountability to help me to live what I said I believe. I gave them permission to ask me tough questions and trusted them to love me, pray for me, and tell me the truth when I was blowing it. I understood that others were watching my life and I wanted them to know who I live for!


I worked hard to overcame my fear of speaking publicly to share MORE openly with others the joy, peace, love, hope and all of the priceless benefits that come from doing life with Him that are meant to be shared.

As I reflect back on that special day of Scott’s ordination, I must say that my husband’s rise to that call has both inspired and challenged me, has impacted our family and others in our community! This picture shows where his heart lines up on his knees with his son beside him! There is so much MORE that leads to this point that no one else gets to see:

-I remembered seeing Scott become a man of prayer as he sought to develop the most holy praise team not the most popular one.

-I witnessed the change in him, when he committed to becoming a man of God’s word and how he dedicated himself to daily Bible study and Scripture memorization.

-I benefited from his full surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ from loving obedience to God’s call on his life.

-I have admired and been blessed by all of the challenges he accepted to become a man of integrity by attending the many Promise Keeper Events.

The things I was seeing in him are now bearing fruit in my ministry to the Lord! The MORE that we are both experiencing, enables us to support and encourage each other to keep moving closer to the heart of Father God!

As I have applied what I have learned, I have received the precious and priceless things that money can’t buy and the world can’t give!

As you begin to work on your ministry to the Lord first, you too will begin to understand that there is MORE…so much MORE waiting for you too!

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