Why Do We Love Lovesongs?

There are SO MANY Lovesongs from so many different artists in a variety of musical styles, over so much time! Each of these songs were someone’s inspiration and many of them tell a very personal story of love, or love and loss. I myself have many favorites from the past that even today will take me back to a different time and place, reminding me of people and feelings when that song was popular or meaningful to me!

Here is one example: Just a couple of days ago, I was at my son’s family’s home for a get together. We were playing a game and he played a couple of notes on the piano and said, “Doesn’t that sound like that one Christmas song?” and he started to hum the tune. I immediately said, “Oh, you mean Christmas Shoes! Remember when we did that song during Creative Christmas several years ago! Our friend David Anderson sang it so well and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!” Pretty soon we all were singing it and couldn’t get it out of heads! Throughout the rest of the evening, one of us was either singing it or humming it! I don’t know if anyone else would classify it as a Lovesong, but I do! A story of love between a boy and his mother who was dying. He wanted to buy her a pair of pretty shoes for her for Christmas because he wanted her to look beautiful “if mama meets Jesus tonight.” Even typing this, I get choked up!

One of the most life-changing lovesongs for me was recorded about 20 years ago by The Desperation Band out of New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Glenn Packiam wrote the lyrics that have so deeply inspired and impacted the way that I view my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It is simply called, “LOVESONG”. From the first time that I heard it, that became my lovesong to Him and has caused me to try to live out the lyrics that have touched me and moved me to worship Him with all that I am. The lyrics are:

Let my life be Your lovesong,

everyday sing to You.

May my heart always please You,

as a sweet offering.

I am satisfied in You,

come be glorified in me!

All of my life You’ve been faithful,

my Savior, my King, and my friend.

All of my life I will lay down,

to love You with all that I am.

How I love the simplicity of the thoughts stated in this song! I love to sing it and move to the rhythm of it!

This song became my inspiration to begin writing a book nearly 20 years ago about lessons in my life that I was learning - I never finished it. I recently found the pages that I began writing back then, and realized that this is why I named the mentoring membership for women that I founded in October of 2020: LIVING A LOVESONG! I have discovered that it takes a few things to live a lovesong-

1-Just like a lovesong, our daily lives have a rhythm to them, and how we live them matters not only to God, but the other lives that we are privileged to touch!

2-Different lovesongs may have impacted us and taught us life lessons - some hard and painful lessons, others may be more joyful and meaningful lessons.