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Why I Pray!

While my husband, Scott, and I were taking a drive recently, he asked me a question that not only kept me quiet for a few minutes, it caused me to really think! The question was:

“When was the first time you remember praying?”

As I searched my memory, I was able to recall that I was around eleven years old! I had taken our family dog, Mitzi, for a walk in our neighborhood on a cool fall day after school. I was talking out loud with no one else around, processing my thoughts and feelings verbally. I didn’t know it but I was talking to God. I was looking for the answers and solutions to whatever the struggles were in my eleven year old heart and mind. As time went on, I began to walk my dog and talk out loud a lot more often! I always felt better when I would return home!

It wasn’t long after that I found a red pocket Bible that had gold lettering that said, “The New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs”. In the back of it there was a list of words that described some of the things that I was feeling, and a reference to Bible verses. Several of the words caught my attention: Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Sad, Confused, Disappointment, Depressed, to name a few. I started looking up the verses that applied to me and found that “God” was named in many of them. Whenever I read the verses that helped me to understand what I was feeling, it seemed as though I had some answers to my questions, that I wasn’t alone, and that I could talk to God about anything that I was going through.

I started my prayer journey because I wanted peace, answers, and direction in my life. I soon realized that my “struggles” usually involved concern or emotions to do with the people that I cared most about in the world: My parents, grandparents, and three brothers! Yes, some of it was sheer frustration being the only girl in the family (add that to the list of words in the back of the Bible), but I wanted to help my parents and my grandmother who was frequently sick. I didn’t have the answers or know how to help, but I was beginning to understand that God did and He cares for them just like He does me! So I started talking to Him about them!

Scott and I have been married for thirty-eight years and he never knew about that part of my life. The truth is, I don’t think anyone but God and I knew it! It was so long ago but that is where my journey in prayer began! A sweet memory and true story about this part of my life!

Our memories and stories matter! They are part of our life experiences and help to shape the people that we have become. Some may be good, some may be bad, but they all have value and can still teach us valuable lessons today if we are willing to look back and learn!

Now you know why I pray! But do you know why you pray?

Are you looking for some of the things that I was?

A) answers/understanding

B) peace

C) direction for your life

D) to help others

As you stop and think about it, I pray for you to be able to recall when the first time you remember praying was, and that it will help you to understand WHY you pray!

I would LOVE to hear your story and the lessons that you have learned! You are welcome to share with me one of three ways:

1 - Email me:

2 - Go to the 1VLA Face Book page and message me

3 - Go to and leave a message addressed to Brenda

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