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A Work of “Heart”

Our view of anything affects the way we approach it. Oftentimes, we go through a list of things to scrutinize before we trust or believe that it is worthy of our time and attention. Let me show you what I mean:

-We could observe it for a while to gain an understanding of it. -We might question it to gain knowledge about how it works. -We could study it to learn about the character of it. -It might challenge all that we have ever known, or thought we knew about it, as well as the things we don’t know about it.

We might do this quick assessment in our thoughts before we move to any decision. But before we go any further, I would like to put this in the context of relationships! A true WORK OF HEART!

Any relationship that we value, will usually have these characteristics:

-We will be willing to sacrificially invest ourselves with time, energy, and resources to keep it healthy and mutually beneficial!

-We will get to know what matters most to the other person!

-We will begin to care about the things that concern them and try to be considerate of their needs! -We will work with them and help encourage them to make their dreams come true!

-We will serve them with gladness!

-They will do the same for us in each of these areas!

I want to introduce you to a relationship that all people should consider:

The God of the universe, the Author of all Creation, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the loving Father of our Savior, wants a personal relationship with you…with me! He is ready to adopt us into His family giving us a position in both His heart and His heavenly home! He has promises, gifts, and plans for us while He provides for and protects us as we follow Him!

Sounds great doesn’t it? But do we understand it? Do we believe Him enough to let it become A WORK OF HEART; a work of His heart into ours? Our view of Him or what we think of Him will most definitely affect our approach to Him and His offer to us. It will also impact the way that we willingly move forward in this relationship or willfully reject it!

If we use the same guide that we used before to scrutinize our view and our approach to anything, then our view or understanding of God affects our approach to Him. Let’s give some time and attention to this thought process:

OBSERVE You could observe those who know God to gain an understanding of Him.

ASK You might ask them questions about how God has worked in their lives.

STUDY You could (and should) study God’s Word to learn about His character.

KNOW God might challenge all that you have ever known, or thought you knew about Him, as well as the things you don’t know about Him.

But let’s take it one more step! You at some point will need to:

DECIDE Whether to pursue this relationship, understanding the truth of the benefits of it for you personally. This is where the WORK OF HEART really begins!

When I immersed myself into a study of the attributes of God, and was truly willing to be corrected on what I thought I knew of Him, my life was forever changed!

I had a new appreciation of His great love for me!

I experienced His patience towards me as my view of Him became clearer!

I was humbled by His mercy for not judging me for my wrong and even harsh perceptions of Him!

I was blessed by His grace (divine influence) in how to approach Him as I grew closer to Him!

Because I continue to learn this life changing lesson that has impacted and influenced my relationship with Him in the rhythm of my life, I use this in the REFLECT part of what I teach to the LOVESONG Family inside the membership of Living A Lovesong!

I would love for you to join me and welcome you to start your WORK OF HEART and begin writing the rhythm to your LOVESONG by clicking here to join:

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