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FAITH WORKS ~ The Envelope For My Requests to God!

As I recover from coronavirus, I feel like I have been floating through the last several days. You know, not really engaged in conversation and kind of numb to any real emotion. I go through the motions of what I know that I am supposed to do and trust that they will serve me at some point, allowing my mind and heart to reconnect to my life.

Today is that day! I began the day as usual (minus my physical workout) with time in God’s word and in devotions. In my God Calling book, I read today’s entry: “FAITH-WORKS!” I want to share this devotion because it was so simply stated that it refreshed my spirit and pray that it ministers to you as well!

Pray daily for Faith. It is My Gift.

It is your only requisite for the accomplishment of mighty deeds. Certainly you have to work, you have to pray, but upon Faith alone depends the answer to your prayers - your works.

I give it you in response to your prayer, because it is the necessary weapon for you to possess for the dispersion of evil - the overcoming of all adverse conditions, and the accomplishment of all good in your lives, and then you having Faith, give it back to Me. It is the envelope in which every request to Me should be placed.

And yet”Faith without works is dead.” So you need works too, to feed your faith in Me. As you seek to do, you feel your helplessness. You then turn to Me. In knowing Me, your faith grows - and that Faith is all you need for My Power to work.

One of the things that I loved most about it was the visual of Faith being the envelope in which every request to God should be made! But here is where my refreshing came from:

-I was reminded that faith is God’s gift to me - not just when I said yes to Him; not just when He answers my prayers; not just when I pray; not just yesterday...but EVERYDAY!

-I was reminded that the faith He gives is exercised whether I am working, praying or RESTING. It is as important as the breath that gives life and hope to our prayers.

-I was reminded that He gives me Faith as a weapon to be possessed AND used against evil and adverse conditions. He does this because He is for me! He wants me to be successful and accomplish good in my life!

-As I use His gift of Faith, I honor Him and His gift by giving it back to Him, allowing it to serve as the covering for every prayer I pray for myself or others.

The good news is that Faith Works for you too!

*Ask God for it everyday! (Pray God’s word)

*Feed it everyday! (Study God’s word)

*Exercise it everyday! (Apply God’s word)

*Honor God with it everyday! (Believe & rest in God’s word)

The way that I have been feeling - my helplessness - as the devotion says, is accurate but it is also an illusion. The “working” of faith doesn’t lie in activity alone, it also lies in the feeding of it. While I have been physically at rest, I have been consistent in the feeding and exercising of my faith, from my bed, in my resting, reading, praying, believing, and my recovering.

It's important to understand that Faith is not about the way that we feel, and is sometimes most actively engaged when we are physically at rest!

Best of all:



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